The beginning of our family business dates back to 1993, when we could proudly present the first homemade loaves based on Dutch cheese recipe. We've started our production with 350 litres per day and expanded to 3000 litres per day, which gives us 12.000 KG cheese per month. The specialty of our production is very high quality of milk collected and production of products exclusively from unpasteurized milk, which means that all vitamins, proteins and minerals are kept in their unspoilt form.

With the knowledge and experience we offer a wide range of dairy products from cow's milk. Products of Sirarna d.o.o. bear the EC mark SI-M-416. This guarantees the customers that the products meet the highest standards of veterinary regulations in Slovenia, in accordance with the EU quality standards. And why homemade? Diverse nature of the Slovenian territory, the traditional way of cultivation and of processing are approaching to a sustainable production.The rich composition of biological value, excellent digestability and especially gourmet delights in the diversity of flavors makes cheese an essential foodstuff in the diet. Our domestic dairy products without added colors or preservatives offer you a choice to even the most diverse and sophisticated tastes.