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Quark is made from raw, full-fat, non-homogenized milk, which gives it a full, rich and slightly sour taste.

Use: cottage cheese of Sirarna Čuš is excellent in the bakery industry for the production of various rolls, bureks, potica and other cottage cheese desserts. It is also excellent for eating as it is – “on a spoon”.


Baronica of Sirarna Čuš is made from 100% whey without added milk, so it contains a large amount of useful proteins, i. e.  albumin, and only a little fat. Albumin cottage cheese has a mild, sweet taste.

Usage: Baronica can be eaten as it is or used in various savory and sweet dishes: for spreads, cottage cheese dumplings, as a filling for pasta, wraps, cakes, smoothies, etc.


Fresh Falot cheeses are made from raw whole, non-homogenized milk. Small loaves of fresh cheese weigh from 250 g to 350 g. According to their organoleptic characteristics they have a fresh, mild milky taste, soft but still firm enough for cutting.

Fresh Falot cheeses with spices: added either wild garlic (in greens) or chili.

Usage: Fresh Falot cheese goes perfectly together with various fresh or dried fruits, tomatoes, olive or pumpkin oil. It can be served with sparkling wine and fresh wines.


Falot grilled cheese is made from full-fat non-homogenized milk, and it can be used for grilling or a pan, as it does not dissolve during heating, but retains its shape and bakes a beautiful golden yellow crust. During baking, it develops an excellent aroma, a rich taste and a pleasant structure.

Usage: Falot grill cheese is suitable for baking in a pan or on the grill, frying, serving with grilled meat, vegetables or is excellent in a salad.


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  • Processing of quality milk
  • Raw milk cheeses
  • Homemade full-fat cottage cheese made from raw milk
  • Production of dairy products without homogenization

The specialty of our production are cheeses made from raw, non-homogenized milk: “Baron” and “Falot” are our national brands.

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The specialty of our production is the fact that our cheeses are made out raw, non-homogenized milk: “Baron” and “Falot” are our national brands.

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